An Open Letter To Dele Momodu 


For you I have immense respect.


I always have and I always will.


How you ended up with the PDP I just cannot fathom because they do nor deserve you and neither will they reward you for your immense efforts to launder their filthy image and restore their dwindling fortunes.


Even though we are on opposite sides in this political conflict I have avoided joining issues with you because I like and respect you.


You are a publisher of high repute, a civilised, enlightened and knowledgeable individual, a creative artist who has shown the world that there is so much class, good taste, artistry and beauty in Africa and that we do not all live in mud huts, a former presidential aspirant whose political party did not have the decency or prescence of mind to value or appreciate, a freedom fighter who fought for NADECO and who stood with Chief MKO Abiola till the bitter end and someone whose counsel I value and whose weekly columns I read avidly.


You are also someone who I place firmly…

Source: Leadership Newspaper