2023: Atiku Woos Benue People


The presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, on Thursday, assured the people of Benue State that he will stand to defend them when elected President in 2023, the same way he stood for the Tiv people during the pogrom at Zaki-Biam, Gbeji and Adoor as Vice President of Nigeria.

He stressed that his government will be a government of law and order and as a pan-Nigerian.

The former Vice President also stated that he will not only wipe away the tears of Nigerians but also rally the best brains and minds to lead Nigeria to national greatness, adding that he will guarantee absolute religious freedom.

Speaking at the 82nd Synod of the Universal Reformed Christian Church (URCC) a.k.a NKST at Mkar, Benue State, the PDP presidential candidate further assured that Benue State is his home just like Adamawa despite the challenges of present season of anomie and misunderstanding.

According to the PDP standard bearer, his relationship with the Tiv and…

Source: Leadership Newspaper