Strategic Leadership For Success In volatile Times



From November 21 to 24, Professor Paul Griffith, the world’s first Professor in the area of Management to lead a team to launch a rocket into space, will leverage TEXEM’s proven and tested methodology to deliver TEXEM’s upcoming programme. Other of TEXEM’s illustrious faculties that will join Professor Paul Griffith include Harvard’s Founding Director of Maximise your Board programme and World renowned Ambassador Charles Crawford and Gerald Baldwin, CEO of Cadbury World. In addition, during this programme, participants will include senior executives of different organisations attending TEXEM UK’s upcoming Strategic Leadership for success in volatile times programme at Jury’s Inn, Birmingham (The city that recently hosted the World to the Commonwealth Games), UK. London Business School alumnus Professor Paul Griffith shares insights into how organisations can deploy Strategic Leadership for Success.

In what ways could an organisation develop and innovate customer value…

Source: Leadership Newspaper