2023: Vote For Candidate Who Values Nigeria’s Diversity, Ndagoso Tells Nigerians



Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the Catholic Archbishop of Kaduna, Most Rev. Matthew Man-Oso Ndagoso, has urged Nigerians to vote for a candidate who values Nigeria’s religious and cultural differences.

Archbishop Ndagoso stated this in Kaduna during an interview with journalists at the celebration of the ‘Christ The King’ by the Catholic faithful.

“Nigeria is a very diverse country, we all come from different cultural and religious backgrounds and our diversity are not a curse but a blessing from God.

“We need leaders who can be able to manage this our diversity very well. Therefore if our cultural and religious backgrounds should be properly managed, it will enrich our country,” he said.

Ndagoso reiterated that Nigeria needed leaders who can manage both its people’s religious and cultural differences very well in order to give everyone a sense of belonging.

“We have leaders who doesn’t value our cultural and religious differences and that is why there is agitation for…

Source: Leadership Newspaper