‘Harm Reduction Can Reduce Cancer By 30%’



A world-renowned and award winning Oncologist who is also a Professor of Surgery at the Cancer Institute in Senegal, Prof. Abdoul Kassé, has stressed the need for putting Harm Reduction at the centre of all public health development strategies.

Speaking during the 2nd Harm Reduction Exchange conference for African journalists held in Nairobi, Prof Kasse’ said Harm Reduction is a powerful public health tool that has the potential to reduce cancer by 30%.

He said Harm reduction has already benefited many people in public health and is the most viable alternative in tobacco control.

Harm Reduction applies to areas where there is a need to reduce the harm associated with a practice or consumption of a substance that is overused in society leading to increased morbidity and mortality.

The concept continued to gain traction in view of the devastating effect of tobacco smoking and the fact that cessation or outright quitting has continued to prove impossible for most…

Source: Leadership Newspaper