Caution As The Yuletide Approaches


As the Christmas and New Year festivities approach, a lot of activities define the period.  While many businesses release their financial statements and prepare to shut temporarily until the new year. It is usually a time of homecoming for many who left their families and communities for the proverbial greener pastures, and those affected look forward with excitement towards this time. However, for others it is a lot of frenzied activities as they try to catch up for lost time.

It is for this latter reason that we have deemed it necessary to sound a note of warning to Nigerians in this period, for as many honest people are striving to end the year on a good note, so also are undesirable, even criminal, elements strategizing against them. Over the years, it has been noticed that crime of theft and burglaries peak during the Yuletide, committed by both hardened criminals and opportunistic burglars.  With the frenzied activities in markets, stores and other public and recreational…

Source: Leadership Newspaper