2023: Middle Belt Will Zone In One Direction – Dr Adoyi Omale


Dr Adoyi Mathew Omale is a former Local Government Chairman of Ogbadibo in Benue and a leader in the Middle Belt. In this Interview with SUNDAY ISUWA, the former Student Union President of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria and former Director of Democratic Institute says the Middle Belt will vote in one direction in the 2023 presidential election amongst other issues.

There is a lot of contention concerning the 2023 presidential election. Which party should Nigerians support ?

Thank you very much for your question. First and foremost 2023 is an opportunity for Nigerians to enrich our democracy. It’s an opportunity for Nigerians to make a wise and pragmatic choice. Why do I say this? Haven had democracy for the past 22 years, you will agree with me that the democracy has not translated to food on the table for the ordinary man. Democracy has had its ups and downs. Tried as successive regimes have in the last few years, is a lot of gaps that need to be filled. Let me say that I…

Source: Leadership Newspaper