The Year 2022: A Locust Year For Nigerian Farmers


By Adegwu John, Abuja

Year 2022 greeted Nigerian farmers who had so much expectations and hopes and from the onset as rains started in early April, heralding a promise of bountiful harvest.

However, somewhere along the line, its was a year that will go down in history for many farmers as one of the worst years. Their hopes were dashed midway by the devastating impact of the 2022 floods.

The floods came between August and October, wrecked havoc, destroyed their crops worth billions of naira and turned it into “the year of the locust”.

The 2022 floods, remain the worst that Nigeria experienced in the last ten years. Over 500,000 hectares of farmlands where estimated to be destroyed.

When I spoke with some of the affected farmers in October, 2022, they expressed pain and agony over loss of their investments and livelihoods with little or no support from the government.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, Nigeria must work to build its…

Source: Leadership Newspaper