Adopting ESG Principles In Insurance Industry


Although, industrialisation has brought huge development in job creation and world advancement, it has equally led to the degradation of the environment and encroachment of natural habitat that has led to climate change. 

The drought, ocean surge, fire outbreak, among others, are the rotten fruit of industrialisation and urgent steps had to be taken to address this looming danger staring at us. 

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Principles came into being, to address this challenge and several multinationals and local firms have incorporated ESG principles in their modus operandi to lower the effect of climate change. 

ESG principles can lead to sustainable business by incorporating toolkits that guide the business in the context of the environment. This will ensure that insurance business is carried out responsibly.

Meanwhile, insurance industry globally is continuously undergoing profound changes, and the disruption faced are not just digital but also harsh market…

Source: Leadership Newspaper