Creative Revolution – Nigerian Women Who Are Rewriting The Narrative


The Nigerian Creative industry has been evolving fast for some time now. More so, in recent years, its growth has skyrocketed, as members of the Nigerian creative sector are now gaining recognition, not just pan-Africa, but globally as well. In a country nuanced with many complexities, creative outlets are not just a hobby but have become a necessity and means of survival for many.

The digital age has made it much easier for Creatives’ works to gain recognition beyond borders, more than we could have imagined. However, despite the stage being much bigger for everyone, women in the Nigerian creative landscape still face the challenge of overcoming stereotypes and biases.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the narrative is quickly reshaped to create space and stories for women in the creative industry.

On the 20th of January The British Council, in collaboration with the Creative Arts and Visual Imagery Centre (CAVIC) Abuja, brought together creative minds to discuss the…

Source: Leadership Newspaper