Carbon Emission: Eden Zero App Unveiled To Tackle Climate Change, Makes Global Impact


Eden Lotus Power, on Monday, announced the launch of a revolutionary new carbon offsetting app, Eden Zero, that helps users take meaningful steps towards reducing their environmental impact.


Designed to make sustainable action accessible for everyone, Eden Zero by Eden Lotus Power, a clean and sustainable energy company, provides users with an easy way to measure and track their carbon footprint – and then actively reduce it through offsets.


One of the unique features of Eden Zero is that it connects users to long-term carbon-offset initiatives, which help reduce Sub-Saharan Africa’s reliance on hazardous energy generation. This means that users can have a direct and tangible impact on the environment, while also tracking their carbon offset progress in real-time.


Eden Zero operates a flexible subscription tier feature for users. The subscription is meant to help users specifically offset their own carbon emissions, so the price varies depending on how much carbon the…

Source: Leadership Newspaper