Popular Nollywood Actresses Who Disappeared From The Spotlight


While many Nollywood actresses have been in the spotlight for a large part of their lives, there’s a long list forming of those who have disappeared from the spotlight. Some left acting because they needed a change in career and some for marriage or family reasons.

Some actress have gone from super-stardom to not even making the tabloids.Once in a while we see them here and there on the red carpet at some entertainment industry events.It’s nothing compared to the careers they’ve had in the past. In this piece LEADERSHIP Sunday highlights Some Nollywood actresses who disappeared from the spotlight.


  1. Victoria Inyama

Lovers of Nollywood movies will not forget in a hurry the pretty face of Victoria Inyama,the actress is arguably one of the pioneers of the Nigerian movie industry,now known as Nollywood.She started her acting career In 1990, and claimed in an interview that actor Alex Usifo first saw her and helped introduce her to the Nigerian film business.Inyama after…

Source: Leadership Newspaper