Maimuna’s Memoir: A Homily For This Season: Let’s Not Forget To Be Kind To The Naira!


It brought about trust because even when the E-transfers were clogged up and failing, some transporters on trust let you go, believing you would transfer their payment once everything is ok. And now, this scarcity has brought back value to the Naira. It’s like gold. And now with the new laws of the old being thrown back with the new, people are relieved and beginning to find normalcy where there was once none.

This policy may have come at a wrong time, but we cannot altogether deny it did not do us some good. Yes, I was one of those who despised the policy, because some of my friends suffered for it. Especially those working in banks who had to disguise to work in order not to be mobbed by the irate crowd. But now, I somehow believe that this is not all going to be in vain. And now, recalling all we have been through, let’s not forget to be kind to the Naira.


Source: Leadership Newspaper