NECA Cautions On NLC Planned Strike, Calls For Dialogue


The leadership of Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA) has cautioned Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and demands for social dialogue over planned nationwide strike.

NECA’s director general, Mr Adewale-Smitt Oyerinde, who made the suggestion, said, without doubt, the cash crunch has affected businesses, individuals and households terribly.

“Economic experts and analysts have stated that the loss in economic terms could be over N20 trillion as a result of loss of productive hours in bank halls and petrol stations, shut-down of businesses due to low patronage, inability of employees to transit to work, challenges faced by households in meeting basic needs and the general distortion in general supply chain,” he stressed.

He noted that, “while we had expressed our deep concern as regards the mismanaged and dreadful implementation of the Naira redesign policy, and in fact, some other policies of the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN), it is our strong believe that the…

Source: Leadership Newspaper