Safety Rules At Railway Crossings


What do you think are the major causes of train and railroad crashes? Speedy train. Negligence. Human error. Reckless pedestrians and drivers as well as mechanical failure are also listed as causative factors behind train and railroad crashes. Others include unprotected railroad crossings. Stalled cars on the track .Suicides. Defective tracks and derailments.

I don’t know if you followed the Lagos train/BRT bus crash. If you did, you must have heard and read all the reports about the crash. They all point to the suicidal tendencies displayed by the BRT bus driver despite pleas by several passengers which he ignored. Almost all the causative factors listed, played out in the Lagos crash.

Let me prioritize reckless pedestrians and drivers which speaks to the focus of the recent crash. In most train accidents just like the Lagos one, the fault was not by the train operator but majorly a result of reckless or distracted pedestrian standing by or crossing the tracks at the wrong time…

Source: Leadership Newspaper