Understanding Online Casinos For New Nigerian Players


As you surf the web, you will come across a host of adverts for online casinos. Every website will bombard you with a welcome bonus and provide lots of documentation for their shiny games. It can become extremely overwhelming, so how do you cut through the noise and understand what is on offer? Below, we give three tips for understanding online casinos.

Return to Player

The return to player is a percentage given to the players of a game. It is a measure of how much of your wager you can attempt to get back, should you play over a long period. For example, if the RTP is 95%, and you wager $100, $95 will be returned to you and $5 is retained by the house.

However, you must understand this is a probability and not a given. Imagine if you flipped a coin and bet on heads or tails. If tails came up, it would not be a surprise, nor if it came up the next time. However, if it came up trials 100 times in a row you would think something was amiss. This is the same with RTP. You may place one…

Source: Leadership Newspaper