Amnesty Int’l Decries Poor Response To Rights Abuses


Amnesty International (AI) says double standards and inadequate responses by global and regional institutions, including the UN Security Council and the African Union to human rights abuses fuelled impunity and instability in 2022.

The report released on Monday titled: “Amnesty International Report 2022/23: The State of the World’s Human Rights” stated that human rights abuses, killing of protesters worsened in Nigeria and other African Nations.

The report highlighted the effects of conflicts in many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa while blaming the failure of leadership and global organisations.

According to the report, journalists, human rights defenders and political opposition in Africa faced repression, including in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Eswatini, Guinea, Mali, Mozambique, Senegal and Zimbabwe.

The report said, “The deaths of scores of protesters were reported and attributed to excessive use of force by security forces in Nigeria, Chad, DRC, Guinea, Kenya, Senegal,…

Source: Leadership Newspaper