Oxlade Becomes 1xBet Ambassador


Nigerian singer Oxlade has joined the team of 1xBet ambassadors. The agreement with one of the most popular performers in the country has already begun, which means that many new exciting activities await all fans and music lovers.

“I’m excited. It will be cool”, was the first reaction of Oxlade himself. According to him, what he likes about 1xBet is that the bookmaker’s offers evoke the same strong emotions in players as his music does. Motivation, ambition and drive are a way of life for Oxlade, as it is for thousands of Nigerians who have already registered on 1xBet. Thus, the values of the performer himself align with the values of the brand – and therefore we can hope for a long and successful cooperation between the parties.

“The most important thing for us is that this cooperation will bring fresh and interesting opportunities to people. Everyone will have a chance to get a new experience: fans will groove to the music of Oxlade and have a chance to evaluate the bets…

Source: Leadership Newspaper