Commission Underway To Cater For Out-of-School Children


The House of Representatives has held a hearing on a Bill to establish the National Commission for Almajiri Education, for pupils and children who do not go to school with the aim of reducing the number of out-of-school children on the streets.


The problem of out-of-school children has continue to be a major challenge that causes problems of lack of education, poverty and security especially in the North-western part of Nigeria.


It is for this reason that the previous governments have tried to create a good system of university education so that it will be in line with the modern education system and it was believed that it will help in reducing various problems caused by the challenge of out-of-school children.


Consequently, a member of the House of Representatives from Sokoto State, Dr. Shehu Balarabe Kakale, sponsored the Bill, which seeks to establish a Board that will oversee the education of children who do not have access to school so that it will provide a good…

Source: Leadership Newspaper