Maimuna’s Memoir: The Art Of Landing An Airplane 2


He even cracked some jokes through the announcement box to get us all relaxed. I most times get nervous when I hear the crackling sound of the microphone coming from the cockpit when we are mid flight, because I always imagined if the pilot had something to say to us, it could be we were in a critical situation. So, the pilot’s once in a while jokes calmed nerves.

However, no one was prepared for what happened next as we began descending and told to use our seatbelts. It was a rude awakening, as the plane started dropping in altitude and once the wheels unfolded and hit the tarmac, the impact slammed my backbone against the seat! I literally felt the pain.

Yes it was that bad. And instead of an apology through the announcement box? He joked, “And that was a wake up call for those of you sleeping.” Cheeky, I thought.


Source: Leadership Newspaper