UN Women: Electoral Gender Based Violence And Need To Protect Democracy In Nigeria


The history of electoral violence in Nigeria does not seem to be ebbing away anytime soon. Again, in this scenario, it’s women that mainly suffer whenever this unfortunate incident happens.

The prevalence of intimidation, harassment, and physical attacks on politicians that are women, as well as voters points glaringly at electoral gender-based violence.

The UN Women Nigeria, has said that incidents of violence against women in elections is recognised as one of the key obstacles to advancing women’s participation in public life. Female candidates and campaigners face numerous challenges, including verbal abuse, sexual harassment which is often used to intimidate them from practicing their political rights.

During the recent 2023 general and gubernational elections held across Nigeria, multiple instances of violence against women were reported, with female candidates and voters being subjected to physical assaults, asides the obvious acts of vandalism perpetrated by hoodlums and…

Source: Leadership Newspaper