Regulate Political Expenses Instead


The Sokoto state government seems obsessed with the idea of regulating bride price and other activities relating to marital relationship. Available record indicates that the Bafarawa administration first toyed with the intention of government to meddle in what is, to all intents, a private affair between two families by making a law to that effect.  Since then, the legislation has continued to attract the attention of lawmakers who have also continued to tinker with it from time to time

Tagged, “Regulation and control of expenses of marriages, naming and circumcision ceremonies and for purposes connected thereto” the law was first enacted in 1992 and reviewed in 1996. It was revisited again in 2022 with the intention to review and or amend it. Already, a final draft is awaiting the assent of the state governor.

According to the sponsors of the bill seeking to review this law, it is aimed at reducing the extravagances in organizing the listed ceremonies. It is also purportedly…

Source: Leadership Newspaper