Who Is The King of Music In Africa?


There are many talented musicians in Africa, but only one can be crowned the king of music on the continent. Who is it? Let’s take a look at the top five African musicians. These artists come from various backgrounds, and each has its unique sound. So who is the king of music in Africa? Let’s find out!

The first musician on our list is Fela Kuti. Let’s have a look at his biography, Fela kuti was a pioneer of the Afrobeat sound and helped to popularize African music around the world. His songs are full of energy and passion, and he is known for his powerful performances.

Next up is Salif Keita, who is considered one of Africa’s most influential artists. He blends traditional Malian music with modern styles, creating a unique sound that has won fans worldwide.

Third on our list is Hugh Masekela. He is another artist who blends traditional sounds with modern influences, and he has been praised for his ability to convey political messages in his music. One of his most famous songs is…

Source: Leadership Newspaper