NECO Deploys e-Platform For Result Verification, Confirmation


The National Examinations Council (NECO) has unveiled an e-platform for verification and confirmation of results of examinations, called NECO e-verify.

The Registrar/Chief Executive of NECO, Prof. Ibrahim Dantani Wushishi, at the unveiling of the platform in Abuja on Thursday, said the process will help to ensure accuracy of academic credentials.

The platform is designed to perform dual result verification purposes like the instant result verification and institutional bulk verification.

The main goal is to prevent educational institutions, employers, and other agencies from granting admission or hiring unqualified persons that may hinder the ease of achieving set goals, helping organisations to seamlessly verify the authenticity of NECO results presented to them for admission or recruitment anywhere around the globe.

At the unveiling, Wushishi noted that the platform will bring a great deal of relief to millions of examination candidates, educational institutions and other…

Source: Leadership Newspaper