Madiba Of Comedy’ Redefines Skitmaking Characterisation


Information Communications Technology (ICT) continues to open endless possibilities in the 21st century across all endeavours. The possibilities include unlimited opportunities to comedy talents in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Though social media comedians in the country look to spring up everyday, some of them come with their own unique attributes, like Itoto Bartholomew Okpaegbe, professionally known as Madiba of Comedy. Aside several unique things about this multi-talented comedian, his stage name is one that readily arouses huge interest in his content, which in many ways, stand him out among the crowd.

Itoto Bartholomew Okpaegbe creatively adopted a professional name to arrest global attention, which also speaks to his ability and uniqueness to think out of the norm as a comic actor, as the business is all about driving the numbers to your content. The name “Madiba” was the ancestral nomenclature of late South Africa’s former president, Nelson Mandela, one of the most…

Source: Leadership Newspaper