Pixar’s Elemental Earns Over $400M Globally


Pixar animation film Elemental has weathered summer onslaught of films at the box office to earn over $400 million dollars at globally.

Elemental started out alarmingly slow since its release in June 16 to 18 three day weekend, earning a paltry $29.6 million dollars, the film company’s worst three-day weekend start behind 1995’s Toy Story which earned $29 million (a small fortune at the time) over a three-day Thanksgiving weekend.

But the animation rallied back when week after week it held in, enjoying one of the top multiples of any Pixar title in history at the North American box office. Surpassing DC’s summer release The Flash which opened same weekend to more audience but earned only $107 million domestically and $268.3 million globally, compared to Elemental which finished without a domestic tally of $146.2 million and $257.5 million overseas for a worldwide total of $403.7 million.

This is a far less profit for previous Pixar films but better than 2022’s ill-fated and…

Source: Leadership Newspaper