Why NCC Is Waging War Against Use, Purchase Of Non-Type Approved Devices


Studies have shown that the use of untested, uncertified devices can be a safety hazard for users.

For instance, it has been proven that fake phones have hazardous substances like lead and mercury. These substances have a variety of detrimental health impacts on the ecosystem, especially when they are dumped in landfills.

A study titled „Substandard Cell Phones: Impact on Network Quality and a New Method to Identify an Unlicensed IMEI in the Network“ revealed that counterfeit phones have degraded quality of service for the user and also impact other subscribers.

Additionally, higher dropped call and access failure rates (up to three times more) were observed with substandard cell phones, the study disclosed.

Collaborating the findings of the study, a telecommunication consultant, Patrick Odita, stated that fake phones are a drain on mobile phone networks, reducing network speed and reception for users.

„Some of them have unpredictably short lives, thus prompting the user to…

Source: Leadership Newspaper