The Serpents In The Family Line


Genesis 32:24–28; & Luke 10:19

Are you here, and there is a serpent in your family line? Is there a work in the root that is eating that root away? Then, do not be surprised if miracles are flying over your head and under your feet, but they are not touching you.

There is no spiritual growth. There are problems everywhere with health and all parts of the body. It is because there is a serpent in that root. What is the cause of this family bondage?

  1. Bad marriage foundation

When two people who are not supposed to marry; it is not in the divine book that they should marry and they get married and have children, of course that foundation will affect the children.

For some, before they get married, they would have been sleeping with each other and aborting any children, and now it is a bad foundation

  1. The second cause is generational curses:

The kind that happened between Elijah and Gehazi. Elijah cursed Gehazi and said* _”The leprosy of Naaman shall come upon you and upon your…

Source: Leadership Newspaper