Parents Groan Nationwide As Schools Resume


Apart from the rich, most parents are finding it difficult to pay for the standard and quality of education they desire for their children

Things are hard for everyone, but they are certainly tougher right now for parents whose wards are set to resume school.

As the new academic session dawns, many parents are facing an uphill battle of finding funds for their children’s education amidst a potpourri of economic challenges.

The staggering inflation rate of 23 percent plus, which has led to the skyrocketing of costs of living has virtually emptied the pockets of most parents. This inflation has led to a steep rise in the cost of books, learning aids, and transport cost for pupils.

Then, there is the increase in school fees by private schools due to high cost of running these schools (payment of salaries, multiple taxation by federal, state and local governments, high cost of diesel to power generators etc.) has created a perfect storm of financial hardship for every Nigerian family…

Source: Leadership Newspaper