Fighting Corruption Games


“Bread and circuses”, is how Juvenal described the art of distraction that the emperors of Rome practiced to keep citizens complacent and politically inert.  

Fighting corruption is Nigeria’s circus. Our national, sometimes bloody, most times bloodless sport; corruption is the raison d’etre for coups and a well-used we-mean-business prop for incoming administrations. Despite astronomical social, political and economic costs of corruption, including most recently destroying the value of subsidies on petrol, Nigerians are content with pretending to fight it. 

In the early days of the Tinubu administration, after the summary suspensions and arrests of Emefiele (Central Bank of Nigeria), and Bawa (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission – EFCC), a video of former House of Representatives member, Gudaji Kazaure made the rounds. He called for the immediate arrests of a list of government officials, recommending that they be held in dark, underground rooms and deprived of…

Source: Leadership Newspaper