Jehovah Witnesses Hold Annual Convention, Task Christians On Patience



The Chairman, 2023 Regional Convention of Jehovah Witnesses, Mr Ahmadu Garba, has described patience as an important virtue for Christians.

Garba spoke during the Jehovah Witnesses’ Convention held in Kwali area of Abuja with the theme; “Exercise Patience!”

The chairman expressed concern over the impatient attitude of many in the world today.

“Today we live in a world that is filled with impatience, we want to be careful not to allow the impatience of the world to rub off on us and we saw example of how our Creator, Jehovah is patient as we also examined how Jesus, His son is equally patient as well as how several faithful servants of God of old in the past were patient hence the need for us to embrace this good virtue,” Mr Garba stated.

According to him, the delegates at the convention will be better informed on the importance of this vital christian quality and they will learn how to be patient with their parents, children, spouses and others by being considerate,…

Source: Leadership Newspaper