AFL Set To Kick Starts Dambe Martial Arts League



The Africa Fighters League (AFL) is preparing to launch a new league that will showcase the traditional Nigerian martial art, Dambe Warriors League (DWL).

The league, which is set to kick off this September 2023, aims to refine Dambe into a regulated sport that emphasises bravery and unity to yield positive outcomes.

And also to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria through this unique form of combat sports. Dambe is a traditional martial art which originated among the Hausa people in northern Nigeria. It began as a form of self-defence and a means of settling disputes, originally intertwined with harvest festivals and serving as demonstrations of young men’s strength.

Dambe has found a new platform for expression and growth with DWL, which commits to preserving the legacy and traditions of Dambe while empowering its young warriors and strengthening communities across Nigeria.

Co-founders of AFL and DWL, Hugh Guill and Kinglsey Pungong, jointly share, “We want…

Source: Leadership Newspaper