Profiting From Embroidery Business



Investing in tailoring industry could be a rewarding business adventure as clothing plays very unique role in human life. Humans from all walks of life have a cloth to cover their nudity, hence, tailors or fashion designers play a vital role in this life. Thus, going into embroidery and by extension monogramming will certainly create wealth for investors.

Embroidery and monogramming seems to be the same but embroidery is a bit different from monogram because embroidery is pure artistic designs while monogram could lead to print of names, or any image on clothes.

In this business, one needs rich contacts to survive. Hence, an investor needs high networth companies and individuals in their contact lists that can provide them customers from time to time.



On the average, a company should make a minimum of N1million to N3 million annually, or as much as N10 million and more during the peak of the business, I gathered .

In a chat with me, an Ikeja-based tailor in Lagos,…

Source: Leadership Newspaper