Tinubu Hails Amadi For Winning 2023 Nigeria Prize For Science


President Bola Tinubu has joined Nigerians, the academia, and the scientific community in congratulating Professor Hippolite Amadi for being awarded the 2023 edition of The Nigeria Prize for Science.


The Advisory Board of The Nigeria Prize for Science on Thursday announced Professor Amadi’s novel scientific work on respiratory technologies for preserving the lives of Nigerian newborns as the winner of the 2023 edition of The Nigeria Prize for Science.


The winning innovations comprise a non-invasive Neonatal Ventilator, an Oxygen Delivery Blender System, and an Oxygen Splitter System, all powered by solar energy.


The innovations have undergone testing in various Nigerian hospitals and have proven to be cost-effective, leading to significant reductions in neonatal care expenses.


Professor Amadi, a distinguished Professor of Medical Technology at Imo State University and a Visiting Professor of Medical Engineering and Technology at Imperial College London, was honoured for his…

Source: Leadership Newspaper