UN Seeks Resumption Of Funding For Palestinian Aid Agency


A panel of UN experts has called for the resumption of funding to the Palestinian aid agency, the United Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) which takes care of the Palestinian refugees amid the ongoing Israeli assault on Hamas in Gaza.

The panel noted in a statement on Friday that UNRWA was “politically targeted” as it voiced disappointment over some countries not reinstating their funding, weeks after an independent review cleared the agency.

“The independent review ordered by the UN Secretary-General, following an increase of allegations since the onset of the military assault on Gaza in October 2023, has shown that the claim that significant numbers of UNRWA employees have ties with ‘terrorist organisations’ remains unsubstantiated,” the experts said in a statement on Friday.

Israel had accused about 12 UNRWA staffers of being involved in Hamas’ October 7 attacks; it also alleged that about 12% of the agency’s 13,000 staffers have affiliation with the militants group…

Source: Leadership Newspaper