Spain, Norway Ireland Formally Recognise Palestinian State


Spain, Ireland and Norway have made good their threat as the European countries have formally recognised the Palestinian state.

The move has however angered Israel and led to withdrawal of its ambassadors from the three countries.

The three countries said the recognition of Palestinian State was an attempt to refocus attention on efforts to find a political solution to the war in the Middle East.

They noted that their action may encourage other European countries to follow suit, in a diplomatic push that could help secure a ceasefire in Gaza and the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas.

However, Israel’s government has accused all three countries of rewarding terrorism even as it formally reprimanded their envoys in Tel Aviv.

Envoys of the three countries were summoned to Israel’s foreign ministry last week to be shown footage of the 7 October attacks in front of the media.

The recognition of Palestine by the three countries has reportedly mounted more diplomatic pressure…

Source: Leadership Newspaper