It will amount to social injustice if we increase the price of fuel without first increasing the minimum wage


Ben bruzly has done this before, he will put this fake news out there to make people panic just to help Indpt marketers make a jump sales. I trust PMB for 3yrs he stabilize the price with all the pressure from in and outside, I believe if they will remove it is when the Dangote refinery has starts working not now. 2: Lia Mohammed would have inform or give a clue to that information. 3: PMB doesn’t like listening to those IMF and the rest, he did it then, they hated him and use IBB to carry their plan out, when PMB came back they repeated it towards our Naira, PMB refused after more pressure in banding our agricultural exports he agreed to devalue the Naira. The same people are telling us we poorer and miserable people. You really think PMB is happy with them, because he attends their meetings?

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Linda Ikeji