Anita Joseph soaks naked in a bathtub


This is the result of the ‘hellish’ condition omotola tweeted about, Nigerian women have become prostitutes blatantly selling their fallen breasts all over social media, it’s disgusting to see, and the men have become big time fraudsters. The level will really increase now. When you people had the chance to change the president, you were busy looking down on people like durotoye, Moghalu etc, na now una go know say you set yourselves up. Investors are removing their money and going to other African countries where they don’t have to bribe their way to get things done. All your women will become prostitutes una just begin to start. Shior!

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I feel your pain. You must really be having a rough patch in your personal life. Your comment gives you away as someone who has been looking for an opportunity to vent his frustrations. Your brain-box needs resetting urgently, because I have been struggling to see the correlation between…

Linda Ikeji