Staying healthy and fit in this fasting Season (Dr Chinasa Amadi, Medical Doctor, Certified Weight Loss Coach, Nutritionist and Lifestyle Medicine Doctor)



To most people Fasting and Fitness or even staying healthy should not be used in the same sentence. But there is no better time to maintain a healthy lifestyle like during fasting. It can be incredibly hard, but a little positive mental attitude goes a long way because most of the battle is in the mind. I am glad to be sharing these tips on behalf of TECNO Mobile Nigeria to help you through your period of fasting.

Let’s start this way:

  1. Go for a medical check-up. Yes, I said it! it is important that you visit your doctor during this time, especially if you want to exercise during your fasting period.


  1. The important meal before you start your fast! The pre-dawn meal helps your body stay hydrated and fuelled up on energy and nutrients until your next meal after you conclude your fast. It also helps you avoid overeating when you break your fast at sunset.

Your pre-fast meal should be a balanced diet. Focus on complex carbohydrates like Beans, Oats, Corn, sweet potatoes, wheat…

Linda Ikeji