Hausa man’s exceptional birthday wish to his wife earns him praise from most and criticisms from a few


Hausa man

A  Muslim man from northern Nigeria wished his wife a happy birthday with words that were beautiful and unique, and a number of people have things to say about it.


Sharing photos of him and his wife, Aby Rayyan wrote: “Today I celebrate the woman who took me as a boy from my mother and made me a man. The mother of my child and yet the best decision I’ve taken as an adult. Happy Birthday to my Hajiya. I bend the knee my queen…yesterday, today and the day after forever!”


His birthday message was one of gratitude and worship for his wife but some egoistic men had a problem with it, especially with the words, “I bend the knee my queen.”


Hausa man


Some accused him of overdoing it but, to them, he replied: “There nothing like “over doing the thing” when it comes celebrating your loved ones….especially for once in a year events. Over do and do do do! let those who have a problem with it climb mount Kufena and break a neck!”


Hausa man


However, a lot of people were impressed with his…

Linda Ikeji