Nigerian doctor recounts how he helped save the life of a passenger onboard a flight to Lagos


A Nigerian doctor, James King, has recounted how he helped save the life of a passenger who was almost dying onboard a flight from Kano to Lagos.

Its getting clearer now, …why I was born.

I just saved a life who would have possibly died midair in the aircraft I was a passenger in.

I was on seat 14F of BOEING 737-300 of AZMAN AIR from Kano to Lagos.

Suddenly, his head dropped.

A passenger on seat to my far left on the other side of the aisle.

The Indian man sitting besides him screamed and called the attention of the air officials.

The Indian said it seems the man passed out.

We were still several miles above sea level.

Far from Lagos our destination.

As it is with my nature, I was listening to some music with my earpiece on board this flight. I was rocking myself head forward and backward, my hands slightly moving up to the powerful music of SHOW US MERCY by Will Adiks.

The movements to the unconscious passenger got my attention.

I removed my earpiece.

In 5 powerful long strides…

Linda Ikeji