‘Women checking their husbands phones is one reason why marriages fail – Wife of top Kannywood actor, Sani Danja


Mansurah Isah, a former Kannywood actress said that one of the reasons marriages fail is because women check their husbands’ phones, adding that sometimes she has “to be blind, deaf and dumb to survive her marriage”


Mansurah, who is married to top  Kannywood actor,  Sani Danja, stated this in an interview with Daily Trust.


When asked about her transition to charity services, She said

Like you know, I have encountered a lot of controversies and have been through a lot in life. I’m sorry to say this but, in the northern part of Nigeria, when a woman gets married things become a lot different for her. She no longer gets some of the things she desires and deserves. This has a lot to do with our culture and religion. When culture does not stop you, religion will stop you and what religion does not stop you from, culture will stop you. So these are some of the challenges women are facing in the north.

However, for you to be able to make it after marriage, you have to fight a…

Linda Ikeji