‘Dear Men, If your woman gives you money to pay her bride price like I did,  You are not her husband but her wife’


i saw this sh*t somewhere let me drop it here
Few minutes ago, I was walking by a person who was calling the customer care line of a mobile network provider in the country… let me not call any name before they say I am spoiling someone’s business. I could see the anger in him and the extent of his frustration in his face. –
He said to the customer care agent who was on the phone with him, “do you know that your network is one of the reasons a lot of people are depressed in the country today?” –
Nothing is working in the country, people still manage to get money to buy data to go online to have some fun; go on social media, see some funny images and videos, chat with people to ease mental stress and frustration, or even do their jobs but you pay us back with a very poor service and end up increasing our frustration level to 100%. –
The truth is that I can’t agree less with his argument as I know how hurtful it is to have data, have network but can’t browse. There has been many…

Linda Ikeji