Liz Anjorin accuses her ex-boyfriend of sleeping with her staff and sending killers after her


Liz Anjorin raised an alarm on Instagram over an alleged threat to her life by her ex-boyfriend she accused of sleeping with her staff. 

Sharing a screenshot of the message she got from the supposed ‘killers’, Liz Anjorin stated that her ex-boyfriend should be held responsible if anything should happen to her because he has been sleeping with her staff, and asking them to bring vital information about her. The actress also called on Badagry residents to conduct a ritual that will kill anybody who has a hand in her death, should it happen. 

LIFE THREAT ALERT!!!?( 07084641262)..
.If anything happen to me , after arresting these people …please pick my ex …He was the one sleeping with all my workers and asking them to bring vital informations about me [email protected] can bear witness because he has audacity to promote shit about me ..for over 3weeks gist lover kept bashing me back to back ..until a close friend dm him/her  with necessary documents audio and many evidence…

Source: Linda Ikeji