Bishop Oyedepo says your destiny is dependent on your commitment to God not on your energy on sweat


Na format be this o. use your head people!!!. ‘Commit to kingdom work’ is synonymous to ‘Put more money to God’s work’…..and guess who is collecting money for ‘God’s work’……. Think o my people, Dangote -although his route to the top may have been aided by corrruption’ is not committed to ‘kingdom work’. More recently, Burna Boy’s -although he has been in the scene for years and has always been loved by many – propulsion to African Giant didn’t come as a commitment to ‘kingdom work’. Don’t fall for this scam o…….I KNOW SOME GOATS WOULD STILL SAY ‘IT WORKS FOR ME’, I would have said you can continue, but considering your large number in the grand scheme of things, y’all are dragging us back as a Nation. Only the wise know how. Thank you. ALSO, LET ME USE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SAY SOMETHING ELSE, STAY AWAY FROM GAMBLING ESPECIALLY BUT NOT LIMITED TO VIRTUAL GAMES aka ‘Visual’. Use your head o.

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Source: Linda Ikeji