The Familiar Stranger in Your Home


The Familiar Stranger in Your Home

Recently, there’s been an uptake in social media conversations regarding people’s experiences with domestic helps. Some good, some bad, some downright chilling. Some comments stood out for us:


– … happened to my sister’s friend. The help put a broomstick in that tiny hole in the child’s penis and the broomstick broke inside. I think they had to do a surgery or so for the little boy.


– Ran away at dawn after 3 weeks leaving my grandmother who had partial stroke all alone. This was after collecting one year salary in full. 


We have always had super nice ones. They practically become family. I guess it’s just a matter of how they are treated.


A horrible  person will be horrible regardless of how they are treated.


The fact is that these stories have always been with us. We know someone it has happened to; we see them every other day in the news; and we move on, until it becomes our story. 

The Familiar Stranger in Your Home

Considering how far-reaching some of these experiences can be, we…

Source: Linda Ikeji