Adverts Vs Quality, Secrets of Building Successful Businesses (Put It On The Plate)


Adverts Vs Quality, Secrets of Building Successful BusinessesGrowing up in Paris, I remember a conversation that happened between me and JP, an old time friend that owns one of the most prestigious restaurants in Triangle d'or. Jean’s restaurant was never advertised or publicized but it was the most visited and talked about restaurant in the whole of Paris. If you weren't at the Matignon or L'Avenue on Ave Montaigne in 2009, you were not important in the eyes of the bobbling 8em society. I recall asking him the Marketing secret to his success and why his restaurant was always FILLED UP and he said; ‘Put the Advert on a Platter!’ I was confused, then he explained further by saying; _‘When you put great food on the plate, spice it up with quality service, season it with quality price and serve it with respect for people, people will find it difficult to ignore your restaurant!’ This inspired a burning desire in me and made me further understand that quality is the foundation of all successful business. 5d7c85f3a60cf One of the greatest philosophies of…

Source: Linda Ikeji