Nigerian man narrates how he almost lost his little daughter practicing what she saw on TV


Nigerian family almost loses their little daughter after practicing what she saw on TV lindaikejisblogA Nigerian father took to Facebook to warn parents against some TV shows they allow their kids watch as he narrated he almost lost his little daughter over same issue.  According to Isaac Jideofor, his daughter who wanted to practice what she watches on the TV every night with her mother almost hanged herself before his son came to her rescue.   He wrote;Be careful of what you allow your children to watch on TV.All this action movies and love films, etc should be kept away from kids.I have been warning my wife about what she is watching with my children on TV but she won't listen. I don't care about your view on this post but learn the lesson…don't be responsible for your children harm. This message is mainly for ladies.We almost lost my first daughter today because she wanted to practice what they are watching on TV with their mother every night…she took rope, climbed the gate and tied it there and put her head and was playing on something she climbed but unfortunately her legs…

Source: Linda Ikeji