Nigerian who died in UK detention centre was denied medical attention, his brother says


It has been claimed that a Nigerian man who died in his cell at a UK detention centre had told authorities at the centre that he was feeling unwell but he was not provided with medical attention. Oscar Okwurime, 34, was discovered lying in his cell at the Harmondsworth removal centre by another detainee last week. The cause of his death is unknown but the Home Office said it was being investigated. His older brother told The Independent that the deceased said he was feeling unwell during his first week in the removal centre.  His older brother, 44, who asked to be identified as Alex told The Independent: "I told him straight away: tell the authorities there and they will get you checked." But Alex said authorities did nothing. Alex said: "That first week, they didn’t do anything. And the second week he said they were still saying nothing. The last time I saw him, he told me he was on a waiting list of about 400. He said he was feeling pain in his side. He hadn’t had any health…

Source: Linda Ikeji