Heartbreaking video shows man slapping a baby and flinging him on the floor multiple times as he forces him to stand on his own


A heartbreaking video showing a man slapping a baby multiple time and lifting him into the air before tossing him to the ground, also multiple times, has caused outrage. In the shocking video, the man is seen trying to get the baby to stand on his own, but the boy couldn't, so he slaps him across the face multiple time and doesn't stop, even as the child cries. He then positions the baby beside a table, with the child's hands on the table for support, and tries to get the baby to stand on his own. But the baby's legs wobble and this angers the man so, he slaps the baby on the stomach twice.  While this is going on, there's a boy seen lying on a couch. Someone is also behind the camera because the baby is seen looking at the person while crying, but the person doesn't come to the baby's aid. The man then carries the baby away from the table, lifts him high into the air, and drops him on the floor. He does this multiple times, then continues beating the baby again.  It is not clear…

Source: Linda Ikeji